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Mobile Helps with New Year's Resolutions

Mobile users look to phones to instill habits

January 15, 2013

January is the month when many New Year’s resolutions stand or fall. This year, people are bringing a new ally to the fight to keep their resolve: their smartphones. A December survey by Prosper Mobile Insights found that more than one in four US smartphone or tablet owners—24% of men and 30% of women—planned to use their smart mobile device to help them keep on track with their resolutions.

US Smartphone/Tablet Owners Who Plan to Use Their Device to Keep New Year's Resolutions on Track, by Gender, Dec 2012 (% of respondents)

eMarketer estimates that smartphone penetration in the US will cross the 50% barrier for the first time in 2013, meaning that smartphone users will account for more than half of all mobile users in the coming year. As more people adjust to living with smartphones, smartphone behaviors will inevitably seep more deeply into daily life. Tellingly, the resolutions people were most likely to seek aid for on smartphones were everyday challenges, according to the survey. Among the most commonly cited were: being on time, keeping in touch, budgeting, reading more and counting calories.

Ways that US Smartphone/Tablet Owners Plan to Use Their Device to Keep New Year's Resolutions on Track, by Gender, Dec 2012 (% of respondents)

Although men and women were about equally likely to seek resolution help from their smartphones overall, their specific priorities frequently diverged. Women were significantly more likely than men to expect their smartphones to help out with stress relief, couponing and budgeting. Men were more likely than women to seek help tracking fitness, keeping in touch, meeting new people and quitting smoking.

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