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Mobile Gives Boost to Western Europe Ad Market

Germany, France continue to perform better than Italy, Spain

November 14, 2014

As in 2013, digital advertising is evolving at different speeds in the leading Western European nations. Helped by its relative financial strength in general, Germany is by far the largest continental market as measured by digital ad investment, followed by France. Italy and Spain lag well behind, and this gap is accentuated by long-running economic problems in those nations. A new eMarketer report, “Western Europe Digital Ad Spending: Steady Overall Gains Mask Slower Progress in Italy and Spain,” explores how different countries are faring, especially as the digital market gets more mobile.

Mobile Internet Ad Spending Growth in Western Europe, by Country, 2013-2018 (% change)

This year, advertisers in Western Europe will spend 6.8% of all their ad dollars on the mobile internet, eMarketer estimates. That share is higher than the global average (6.7%) but lower than the proportion in North America (10.0%). These regional averages mask a striking variety of markets, though. In the UK, more than 13% of ad spending will be devoted to mobile ads. But in France, Germany, Italy and Spain mobile's proportion will be less than 5%.

This year, mobile ad outlays will rise by at least 80% in all of the core Western European countries tracked by eMarketer, as advertisers race to capture the attention of consumers on mobile phones and tablets. In the UK, where mobile advertising is already well developed, gains will be lower than the regional average of 118.4%.

Mobile Internet Ad Spending per Mobile Internet User, by Region, 2013-2018

The amount spent to target mobile internet users in Western Europe is expected to reach $38.48 per person this year—more than double the global average of $16.21. This is little more than a third of the $104.51 in per-user spending predicted for North America, but far more than per-user spending in all other regions.

Get more on this topic with the full eMarketer report, “Western Europe Digital Ad Spending: Steady Overall Gains Mask Slower Progress in Italy and Spain.”

This report answers these key questions:

  • How large is the digital advertising market in Western Europe?
  • How rapidly is digital ad spending rising in the region's four leading continental markets?
  • Which digital ad formats are seeing the most dramatic growth in Western Europe?
  • What part will mobile advertising play in the region's digital ad landscape between now and 2018?

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