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Mobile Gets Bigger Role in Video Ad Campaigns in Canada

Multichannel is the new reality for video ads

June 1, 2016 | Advertising | Marketing

The largest share of video ad campaigns in Canada now include impressions served to desktop, laptop and mobile devices, according to one platform. Data from Videology further revealed that campaigns served to desktop and laptop PCs were the second-most-common.

Digital Video Ad Campaign Share in Canada, by Device, Q1 2016 (% of total served by Videology)

Q1 2016 saw 37% of campaigns on Videology’s platform serving only desktop and laptop PCs, compared to 39% that also involved mobile. Another 10% maximized potential reach by advertising on desktop, laptop, mobile and over-the-top (OTT) devices, adding TV to the multichannel mix.

But while just 15% of campaigns were conducted solely on mobile over Q1, it’s clear that it’s a key part of media plans. Breaking down the Videology data into campaigns that do or do not include mobile shows that nearly two-thirds (64%) have some mobile component.

This is a shift in mobile’s importance over the past few months, according to Videology.

Growth of Average Time Spent per Day with Major Media by Adults in Canada, 2012-2018 (% change)

In Q3 2015, desktop- and laptop-only video campaigns made up 43% of those served by Videology during that period. Overall, mobile devices were part of 56% of video ad campaigns in Q3—already a majority, but set for even more growth. Advertisers clearly see mobile as a path forward to reaching consumers.

And that makes sense, because consumers in Canada are spending a lot more time on mobile. eMarketer estimates that the average adult in Canada will spend 12.7% more time with mobile this year, excluding voice activities. At the same time, they’ll spend less time with desktop and laptop PCs—and also less with traditional TV.

eMarketer estimates that mobile ad spending in Canada will climb 55% from 2015 to 2016, and another 30% in 2017.

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