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Mobile Gamers in India Defy Age, Gender Stereotypes

May 19, 2016 | Mobile

Gamers are often thought of as children and young adults, and, frequently, male. But in India, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research from GamesBond and NewZoo reveals that while it’s true most of those ages 15 to 20 play mobile games daily—71% of respondents, to be exact—even more adults ages 36 to 55 are daily gamers.

Three-quarters of those surveyed ages 36 to 55 say they game daily; that’s also higher than the 70% of 21- to 35-year-olds who do. After 55, however, daily gaming drops off: Just 33% of older internet users say they play mobile games daily. In fact, most of those surveyed over 55 say they play occasionally, just once or twice a month.

For the grand majority of gamers between 15 and 55, however, mobile gaming is a daily occurrence.

Just as the age stereotype of gamers doesn’t hold true in India, neither does the gendered one. On average, male mobile gamers spent just under an hour gaming each day. But female gamers played for nearly 70 minutes.

However, male gamers still make up far more of the mobile gaming market, at 78% of total gamers, or 117 million.

And the frenzy for mobile gaming is only growing in India. 2015 saw 150 million mobile gamers, up from 131 million in 2014. That's a growth rate of 14.5%.

SuperData research, meanwhile, projects spending on mobile games to reach $647.5 million in 2016, a figure that will grow to $1,167.7 million in 2018.

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