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Mobile Banners Continue to Boast High Click Rates

In regions around the world, mobile banners top desktop display ads

August 27, 2012

Mobile ads have been noted for their higher engagement compared to display ads viewed on the desktop, and many industry-watchers chalk that engagement up to novelty. Internet users have been inundated with display ads for years, but on mobile, the thinking goes, viewing and clicking on ads is a newer, and perhaps more exciting, activity.

If novelty is the explanation for this behavior, that novelty has not worn off yet.

According to analysis from MediaMind, a digital advertising solutions provider, mobile banners enjoyed clickthrough rates between 0.42% and 1.41%, depending on the region measured, with viewers in Asia-Pacific least likely to click and those in Europe, the Middle East and Africa most likely to do so. These rates compared favorably in each region with click rates on standard banners as well as rich media units viewed on a PC. Standard banners tended to have click rates only one-quarter those of mobile banners.

Rich Media, Mobile and Standard Banner Ad Clickthrough Rate (CTR) Worldwide, by Region, H1 2012

Average clickthrough rates worldwide on various rich media advertisements were also lower than mobile rates, and depending on the industry of the advertiser, ranged from 0.11% for business-to-business ads to 0.33% for entertainment efforts.

Rich Media Ad Metrics Worldwide, by Industry, H1 2012

Dwell rates, a measure MediaMind uses to determine how likely viewers are to mouse over ads without necessarily clicking on them, roughly mimicked clickthrough rates by industry.

eMarketer expects mobile ad spending in the US to reach $2.61 billion this year, of which 33% will go toward spending on banners and rich media. The bulk of mobile ad spending is in search, which will grab nearly half the total this year.

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