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Mobile Advertisers in South Korea Prefer In-App Display Ads

Spending on mobile internet ads to increase another 30%

February 5, 2016

Mobile display ad spending in South Korea tilts toward apps—but not too dramatically, according to 2015 research.

Mobile Display Ad Spending in South Korea on Apps vs. Websites, 2015 (trillions of South Korean won and % of total)

According to Researchad, advertisers in South Korea spent KRW1.101 trillion ($972.5 million) on in-app mobile display ads in 2015. That added up to 59% of all mobile display ad spending last year. The remainder was spent on mobile website–based display ads, which accounted for KRW765 billion ($675.7 million) in outlays.

eMarketer estimates that total mobile internet ad spending in South Korea, including display ads as well as search, reached $1.60 billion in 2015—less than the total estimated by Researchad for display alone.

eMarketer expects spending on mobile internet ads in South Korea to rise another 30.0% this year to $2.08 billion, or nearly a quarter of total media ad spending in the country this year. Nearly two-thirds of digital ad spending in South Korea this year will occur on mobile devices.

In December, the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corp. (KOBACO) pegged mobile ad spending in the country at KRW1.744 trillion ($1.54 billion) in 2015, close to eMarketer’s figure for the same year. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) in South Korea also released data in December, but only for 2014 mobile ad spending, which it put at KRW824.9 billion ($728.6 million)—about 25% lower than eMarketer’s estimate for that year.

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