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Millennial Women in France Have a Wider 'Social' Circle

Males trail for use on every platform but Twitter

February 17, 2017 | Demographics | Social Media

Young millennial women in France use a wider array of social networks than their male peers. Only Twitter has tapped into more males than females among internet users in this age group.

Over 85% of female internet users ages 17 to 27 surveyed by Diplomeo in February 2017 said they were registered on Snapchat, as were 77% of male respondents in that age cohort—suggesting that regardless of gender, Snapchat is hot in France.

Select Social Media Platforms on Which Young Adult Internet Users in France Are Registered, by Gender, Jan 2017 (% of respondents in each group)

But other networks didn’t have the same degree of cross-gender appeal. For example, while 43% of female respondents had Pinterest accounts, just 19% of males did. And while 70% of females surveyed said they were Instagram users, only 56% of males used the platform.

Twitter was the only social network used by more males (58%) than females (48%), the study found.

It’s likely Diplomeo’s figures represent the age cohort with France’s highest penetration rates for the social platforms in question—in many countries millennials typically lead for social network use. In general, France’s web users are lukewarm on social networking. eMarketer estimates that 55.7% of the country’s internet users visited social networks in 2016, a below-average figure for Western Europe. Though eMarketer’s projections see France’s figure rising to 59.5% by 2020, the country will continue to pale by that measure compared with its neighbors.

Ben Clague

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