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In the Middle East, Twitter Rules

Majority of internet users in Saudi Arabia are active Twitter users

March 18, 2013

The Middle East boasts one of the world’s most engaged Twitter audiences, according to a large global study of Twitter behavior.

GlobalWebIndex surveyed over 152,000 internet users in 31 markets and found that two out of the three countries with the highest active Twitter user penetration rates were in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, 51% of internet users surveyed were active Twitter users, putting it in first place worldwide. The United Arab Emirates ranked third, with 34% of internet users actively using the social network.

Active* Twitter User Penetration in Select Countries, Q4 2012 (% of internet users)

GlobalWebIndex defines “active Twitter users” as those who have used the service in the past month, and the study shows such use growing globally on a massive scale. According to the study, the number of active Twitter users worldwide increased by 62 million between Q3 2012 and Q4 2012 to 288 million, an increase of 39.8%.

Active* Twitter Users Worldwide, Q3 & Q4 2012 (millions)

In June 2012, the Dubai School of Government estimated there were 830,000 active Twitter users in Saudi Arabia, a small drop in the global bucket. Nevertheless, it’s an audience that’s notable for its passion.

Last March, the Dubai School of Government estimated that Saudi Arabia generated fully 29% of all Tweets in the Middle East region, second only to Kuwait.

Share of Tweets in the Middle East, by Country, March 2012 (% of total)

Based on the findings of GlobalWebIndex, Saudi Arabia’s love affair with Twitter shows no signs of abating.

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