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Messaging App Users in Brazil Open to Ads

Nearly 60% say they would not pay to use a new app

April 1, 2016

Mobile users in Brazil are keen on messaging apps, according to a variety of research. And January 2016 polling indicates that about two in three messaging app users are open to ads to help support their habit.

Smartphone Messaging App Users in Brazil Who Would Agree to Receive Ads Within Free Mobile Messaging Apps to Continue Using Them for Free, Jan 2016 (% of respondents)

More than 35% of messaging app users would agree to receive ads for any brand or product in exchange for free messaging apps, according to Mobile Time and Opinion Box. And just under a third more are open to ads as long as they’ for brands or categories that interest them. Only around one in 10 respondents preferred to pay for apps. Compared to earlier research, messaging app users in Brazil have become more comfortable with untargeted ads.

While over half of those surveyed say they wouldn’t pay anything to start to use a new app, 15.5% would pay BRL2 a week—60 cents—to use a messaging app. Another 10.8% say they would pay BRL2 per month, and 14.9% BRL2 a year.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the two most popular mobile messaging apps in Brazil, but smartphone users in the country also turn to other solutions. The third-most-popular is Telegram, used by 18.3% of messaging app users who do use messaging apps other than the top two.

Messaging Apps Used by Smartphone Messaging App Users* in Brazil, Jan 2016 (% of respondents)

Another 15.1% use Skype, and 10.3% of those surveyed say they use Viber.

If Mobile Time and Opinion Box did not provide figures for the percentage of respondents who use Facebook and WhatsApp, the report does illuminate what users of those apps are getting up to. Not surprisingly, about 96% of users on both apps say they use them to send text messages; however, sending images is far more common on WhatsApp (87.1%) than Facebook Messenger (66.9%). And with a large gap in favor of sending videos on WhatsApp, too, it’s clear that while text communication is popular on both apps, WhatsApp is used far more commonly for diverse conversation.

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