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Men, Young People Spend More Time on Mobile in South Korea

Time spent with mobile apps is also high

October 7, 2016

Android users in South Korea spend hours each day with their devices, according to data from early August 2016. Younger users, as well as male users, spent notably more time than other groups.

Daily Time Spent on Smartphones Among Android Smartphone Users in South Korea, by Demographic, Aug 1-7, 2016 (hrs:min)

App data analysis firm Wiseapp reported that during the first week of August, the average male Android smartphone user spent just over 3 hours each day with his mobile phone. That was about 15 minutes longer than the amount of time women spent with their Android smartphones.

Averages were even higher, however, for all users under 40: Those ages 10 to 19 spent more than 4 hours daily on their Android phone, and Android users in their 20s used their devices for 3 hours 46 minutes. That was well over twice the time spent by the oldest group studied, users ages 50 to 75.

A year earlier, TNS reported that mobile internet users in South Korea ages 16 to 30 spent an average of 2.9 hours per day—about 2 hours 54 minutes—with mobile devices, suggesting daily time with mobile may be growing among these young users.

And according to Nielsen KoreanClick, a lot of that time is spent with apps.

Average Monthly Time Spent Using Mobile Apps Among Android Mobile App Users in South Korea, by Demographic, June 2016 (hrs:mins)

During all of June 2016, Nielsen reported, the average woman in South Korea spent just over 112 hours with mobile apps—translating to an average of about 3 hours 45 minutes per day. Men spent slightly less time with mobile apps.

This is longer than the total time spent with Android devices according to Wiseapp, but includes time spent using mobile apps on tablets as well as smartphones.

Average mobile app time was actually down slightly compared to December 2015, according to Nielsen, when mobile internet users spent 112 hours 34 minutes with apps.

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