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Men Top Women in Mobile Buying

Digital content, consumer electronics and entertainment tickets are the top products men purchase via mobile

September 26, 2012

Women in the US trail men in terms of actual mobile purchases, according to September 2012 research. But while men are more likely to pull the trigger when it comes to mobile commerce, women are avid mobile couponers, and more likely to use their devices for product research and deal savings.

According to findings by online market research company uSamp, about a third of men have purchased digital content via their mobile devices. Almost the same amount of men have purchased consumer electronics on mobile, and 23% have used the device to buy movie and event tickets.

Types of Products US Mobile Device Users Have Purchased via Mobile Devices, by Gender, Sep 2012 (% of respondents in each group)

Women fell behind in all mobile purchase categories, except for health and beauty items. The biggest discrepancy was in the consumer electronics category, where women’s purchase tendency was 19 percentage points behind men’s.

Men also overindex on most mobile shopping activities, not just buying. The study by uSamp indicated that 91% of male mobile device users have scanned a mobile barcode, compared to 85% of female US mobile users. Moreover, almost half of male mobile users have used their mobile device to make a payment, compared to just over a third of females.

Mobile Shopping Activities of US Mobile Device Users, by Gender, Sep 2012 (% of respondents in each group)

However, female mobile users do beat out their male counterparts when it comes to the use of mobile coupons: 44% to 35%, according to the uSamp study.

A mobile shopping study by digital ad agency Moosylvania also points to women as heavy mobile coupon users. According to their findings, 44% of female US smartphone users redeemed an online coupon via mobile in November 2011, compared to 34% of men.

US Smartphone Users Who Redeem Online Coupons via Mobile, by Gender, Nov 2011 (% of total)

The same Mooslyvania study also found that 32% of US female smartphone users have opted in to receive location-based mobile coupons, compared to only 26% of men. Marketers should take note of these gender differences when launching mobile commerce-related campaigns and offers.

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