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Media Buyers in France See Changing Attribution Models as Risky

Those surveyed predict growing value for weighted attribution models

May 2, 2016 | Marketing

Media buyers face many tough decisions—long term gains vs. short term sacrifices, cost benefits vs. drawbacks, even how to measure whether a choice is successful. For media buying decision-makers in France, considering changing attribution models comes with its own set of barriers.

Barriers to Changing Attribution Models According to Media Buying Decision-Makers in France, March 2016 (% of respondents)

According to a March 2016 survey by iligo, 76% of media buying decision-makers in France find it difficult to see short-term benefits when considering making a change to their attribution models. Nearly two-thirds find that short-term costs are a barrier to changing models, while 63% struggle to find tools with which they can continuously measure and analyze the success of their new model.

It’s clear that, when it comes to changing attribution models, decision-makers are thinking short-term effects.

But if they are concerned with short-term benefits, digital media buying decision-makers in France do have an eye on the future.

Primary Attribution Model Used by Marketing Managers in France, April 2015 (% of respondents)

Indeed, 59% of those surveyed predict that weighted attribution models—that is, models that take a number of elements like placement or channels—will be more valuable in the future. However, nearly just as many see linear attribution models growing in importance. About half believe first-touch models will grow in value to marketers.

Such enthusiasm for first touch and linear models comes as a surprise. April 2015 research from EBG found that only 5% of marketing managers used first touch modeling. Just 1% used linear attribution models. The same survey showed that last click modeling was by far the most used, at 65%.

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