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Marketers Rank the Technologies Designed to Help Them

CRM software was the only thing rated effective by a majority of respondents

November 19, 2014

Every digital marketer knows there’s a wealth of data out there to make their efforts—potentially—more effective. Likewise, every digital marketer knows there are approximately a million and one tools that promise to take that data and turn it into proven ROI. But what kinds of technology actually help?

Types of Digital Marketing Technologies that Are Useful to Data-Driven Marketing According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

As marketers struggle with marketing integration technologies, a survey from Ascend2 asked them what technologies were actually helpful in their data-driven marketing efforts. The survey base included marketing professionals worldwide, the bulk of whom worked at firms with fewer than 500 employees. And CRM software won out by 6 percentage points.

CRM software was the only type of digital marketing technologies that more than half of respondents said was useful in their data-driven efforts. Close to half said the same of marketing analytics software as well as email marketing software, and 46% gave the thumbs-up to marketing automation suites.

Importance of Data Quality/Completeness to Marketing Segmentation/Targeting According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, Nov 2014 (% of respondents)

And these were respondents who agreed that data was important to begin with. Fully 84% said it was "very important" for their marketing data to be high-quality and complete. Only 1% did not think this was critical for their segmentation and targeting efforts.

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