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Marketers Look to Tech for More Sales, Leads

Many also face significant barriers to achieving their goals

October 19, 2016

Marketers have many objectives for an effective marketing technology strategy. Increasing sales revenue and lead generation are some of their top priorities, October 2016 research indicates.

Most Important Goals for an Effective Marketing Technology Strategy According to Marketers Worldwide, Oct 2016 (% of respondents)

Other goals mentioned in the survey from marketing intelligence firm Ascend2 were a bit more tactical. Indeed, a third of marketers worldwide said that one of the most important objectives for an effective marketing technology strategy was to improve their business decisions, and nearly half said it was to gain competitive advantage. Additionally, 34% of respondents said that another top priority was to act more strategically.

But while acting more strategically is an important goal for many, respondents also indicated several barriers they faced to achieving their marketing technology goals—like the lack of an effective strategy. The only other barrier mentioned by more marketers was an inadequate budget.

Most Significant Barriers to Achieving Marketing Technology Goals According to Marketers Worldwide, Oct 2016 (% of respondents)

Inadequate technology integration, complexity of the sales cycle and utilization of the technology they have were other obstacles that were brought up.

Some marketers are struggling to balance marketing technology tools and talent. A study from Real Story Group found that many executives believe their companies are not fully using their marketing technology investments. This concern surrounding the lack of internal knowledge about marketing technology also translates into executive doubts as to whether businesses are using such software to its fullest potential. When asking marketing technology practitioners if they were leveraging the full potential of purchased technology, 61% either mostly or somewhat disagreed with the statement.

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