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Marketers Lessen Focus on Facebook Compared to Rest of Web

Marketers are drawing down emphasis on Facebook, increasing budgets and time spent attending to the rest of the web

July 12, 2012

Facebook continues to be a focus for brand marketers, but many are starting to lessen their dependence on the site, looking to other social networks and the rest of the web for advertising outreach.

In a June 2012 study from social marketing analytics company 33Across, 4% of US brand marketers and agencies spent equal amounts of time attending to Facebook and the rest of the internet. This was down from 16% who said the same in March 2012. More common were respondents who spent more time thinking about the rest of the web than they did Facebook. In June, 71% of respondents said they spent 20% of their time attending to Facebook and 80% looking after the rest of the internet. This was up from 58% who cited this distribution in March.

Ratio of Time Spent Attending to Facebook vs. the Rest of the Internet According to US Brand Marketers and Agencies, March & June 2012 (% of respondents)

When it comes to advertising budgets, Facebook is also not as popular as it once was. A June 2012 study from Advertising Age and Citigroup found that 72.8% of US marketers said their overall social media ad budget would increase in the coming year, but only 56.4% said the same of their Facebook advertising budget. Also, 4.3% said they would decrease their Facebook advertising budget, compared to only 1.9% who said the same about their overall social media budget.

Change* in Social Media Ad Budget vs. Facebook Ad Budget According to US Marketers, June 2012 (% of respondents)

This change is likely due to many marketers’ dissatisfaction with the measurement and ROI of Facebook. In the Advertising Age and Citigroup study, 37.6% of respondents said that the ROI of Facebook was inferior to the ROI of other platforms such as Yahoo! or Google. Only 17.9% said it was superior.

Additionally, marketers are looking beyond Facebook at other, newer sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr, as well as getting more involved on Twitter. According to Ad Age and Citigroup, only 9.8% of respondents said that Facebook was critical to their marketing efforts.

Marketing on Facebook will continue to be an important tactic for companies going forward, but with other options available, brands are moving some time and money to other players in social, and to elsewhere on the web.

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