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Are Marketers Getting Less Optimistic?

They still expect mobile spending to go up, however

September 3, 2015

Asked about a range of goals from customer acquisition to retention and beyond, marketers appeared to be less optimistic in August 2015 than they had been six months earlier. Are they becoming more bearish despite expected increases in digital, and especially mobile, ad spending?

Business Areas Where US Marketing Executives Expect Positive Outcomes in the Next 12 Months, Feb 2015, Aug 2015 & Feb 2016 (% of respondents)

When Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business queried US marketers in February about what they expected over the next 12 months, 78% thought new customer acquisition would increase, 72% said the same of customer purchase volume, and 66% looked for increased purchases of related products and services.

By the time of the next survey, in August, responses to each of these had dropped by a few percentage points. Likewise, somewhat fewer respondents expected better customer retention, more new customers in the market or higher customer price per unit over the next 12 months.

Even if marketers are feeling skeptical about their overall prospects, they’re decidedly less so about mobile.

Current vs. Expected* Percent of Marketing Budget Allocated to Mobile According to US B2B vs. B2C Marketers, by Sector, Aug 2015

Currently, respondents devote an average of 6.0% of marketing budgets to mobile. But three years from now, they expect that share to reach 15.6%. Business-to-consumer marketers expect the biggest future mobile budgets, closer to 20% of marketing spending.

eMarketer expects mobile advertising spending to reach $30.45 billion in the US in 2015—a figure that does not include nonadvertising marketing spending. That represents 16.6% of ad budgets. By 2019, we expect 28.9% of total media ad spending in the US to go toward mobile.

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