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Many Marketers Recognize They Are Falling Short with Technology

Nearly three in four expect to increase martech spending in 2017

November 30, 2016

Marketers continue to face challenges when it comes to using marketing technology, but at least they are aware that the challenges are there. Recent survey data found that nearly half said they needed to do a better job integrating marketing technology to improve their omnichannel marketing efforts.

Tactics Which Marketers in North America Believe Would Most Improve* Their Company's Omnichannel Marketing Efforts, Sep 2016 (% of respondents)

In August and September, Winterberry Group and Data & Marketing Association (DMA), formerly Direct Marketing Association, polled 100-plus advertisers, marketers, marketing service providers, publishers and technology developers mainly based in North America. The survey focused on various aspects of activating an omnichannel experience.

Nearly half of the respondents said improved integration of their current marketing technology tools would help boost their organization's omnichannel marketing efforts. Other key infrastructure areas mentioned included enhanced identification capabilities for matching consumers across channels (40.3%) and internal data collection and storage (37.3%).

Expected Change in 2017 Marketing Technology Budget/Investment According to US Marketers (% of respondents)

Improving integration efforts probably means devoting more resources. And data from a separate study suggests that many marketers will indeed have more resources for marketing technology in the near future. Walker Sands Communications and Chief Marketing Technologist found that 50% of US marketers said they anticipate increasing budget for the area in the new year. And another 20% said they planned to increase budget by a significant amount.

Budget issues have long been a thorn in the side of marketers when it comes to deploying marketing technology. A survey by Ascend2 in October found that more than 40% felt that inadequate budget was the most significant obstacle to achieving marketing technology goals.

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