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Many Executives in France Don't Use Top Social Networks

44% of executives in France never use Facebook

December 1, 2015

France’s population has slowly warmed to social media, but many business executives continue to reject top platforms for their own use. According to October 2015 research, large shares of execs in France do not use leading social networks at all.

Frequency with Which Executives in France Use Select Social Networks, Oct 2015 (% of respondents)

Based on the polling by OpinionWay Research, commissioned by Corpcom, 44% of executives in France never use Facebook—the most popular platform among those surveyed, 27% of whom reported checking Facebook at least once each day.

On the opposite end of the usage spectrum, Twitter was the least popular platform, and a whopping 82% of executives said they never used it.

Overall, half of execs used LinkedIn at least sometimes, and strong majorities reported never using Google+ or Viadeo.

eMarketer estimates that 46.4% of internet users in France are monthly Facebook users, and just 9.5% use Twitter with the same frequency. That suggests executives in the country are significantly more likely than the average internet user to use the two social services for which eMarketer breaks out specific estimates.

The Harris Poll surveyed internet users in France ages 15 and older in November 2014 about social media use and found somewhat higher penetration of Facebook (63.0%) and Twitter (15.0%), which are more in line with responses from executives to the OpinionResearch survey. The Harris Poll also found, however, that just 14.0% of internet users in France used LinkedIn, which was much more widely used among the executive group.

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