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Majority of Interactive Videos Viewed Through the End

Interactive video will become even more popular this year

April 16, 2014

Interactive video saw tremendous success in North America last year thanks to its “completely immersive brand experience,” and this growth is expected to continue in 2014, according to recent research by Sizmek. Advertisers using interactive video have learned from the past, combining the best practices of both rich media and video ads.

Interactive Video Completion Rate Worldwide, by Region, 2013 (based on impressions served by Sizmek)

While clickthrough rates for such ads in 2013 were much lower than those for HTML5 polite video and in-stream video, at 0.17%, 0.39% and 0.60%, respectively, interactive videos did just what they set out to do: Engage those who did view them. Interaction rates in North America were 6.62%, and impressions with any interaction were 5.35%.

The start rate for interactive videos in North America was also impressive, at 84.0%. And of those that were started, 83.0% were played up to 50% of the video’s duration, and 70.0% were watched all the way through. In-stream video ads saw higher start rates, at 93.8%, but 50% and fully played rates were close to those of interactive videos. It looks like quality of views trumped quantity here.

Either way, as advertisers continue to see success with video campaigns, they’re putting more dollars toward the ad channel. eMarketer expects US digital video ad spending to grow 41% this year to hit $5.9 billion. This will more than double by 2018, when total spending reaches $12.3 billion.


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