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Location, Location, Location Drives Mobile Searchers to Restaurants

Tablet users more concerned with reviews

October 9, 2012

Mobile users seeking restaurant information seem to belong overwhelmingly to one group: hungry people looking for good food, right now.

Many commerce-related searches conducted on mobile devices are not so urgent—such as those made to check prices and comparison-shop. But for restaurant info, actionability is key on mobile.

June 2012 research from call tracking solutions provider Telmetrics and mobile-local ad network xAd found that looking up location was the No. 1 mobile restaurant search activity among smartphone and tablet users in the US, followed closely by looking up directions to that location.

Leading Mobile Restaurant Search Activities Among US Smartphone/Tablet Users, June 2012 (% of respondents)

And what got the majority of smartphone searchers in the door was finding the “food I was looking for” or a nearby location, at 78% and 65%, respectively. Good reviews were less than half as important as location, and price was a major factor for less than half of those surveyed.

Leading Reasons for Visiting a Restaurant After Using an App/Website According to US Smartphone vs. Tablet Users, June 2012 (% of respondents)

There were some notable differences between the factors that drove smartphone users to restaurants, vs. those that persuaded tablet owners to stop by and grab a bite. Tablet users, who are more likely to be conducting “mobile” searches from the comfort of their own homes, were 13 percentage points less likely to be swayed by a nearby location—though the type of food was still their No. 1 concern. Instead, they put more focus on reviews, which approached price and location in importance, as users likely had more time—and screen space—to read and consider the opinions of other restaurant-goers.

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