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Listen In: Upfronts, Newfronts and Live Video (Oh My)

June 2, 2016

How has the upfront market, TV’s rite of spring, managed to survive all these years, despite the fact that it seems like an outmoded way of doing business?

Because it still works for advertisers and broadcasters, says eMarketer analyst Patty Orsini. “And it could be because everybody just likes a good party.”

In episode 2 of “Behind the Numbers,” eMarketer’s new podcast, hosts Bryan Yeager and Marcus Johnson are joined by Orsini and analyst Paul Verna for a wide-ranging discussion of the upfronts and the digital newfronts, and the re-emergence of live, streaming video.

The newfronts have grown sharply recently, “and they have really come to mimic the upfronts,” said Orsini. As the event has grown, so has the participation of legacy media companies—many of them traditional print publishers little identified with video production.

As for live-streaming, Orsini and Verna identified some brands and platforms that are taking advantage of the new format. But Verna cautioned that the market is new and difficult to measure.

The conversation focuses mainly on upfronts in the first section of the podcast, shifting to the newfronts at 8:55. The discussion of live video begins at 22:45.

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