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LinkedIn Continues to Grow Social Ad Revenues

LinkedIn will take in 3.4% of worldwide social network ad revenues this year

February 4, 2016

LinkedIn’s global ad revenues are still rising by double-digit rates, according to eMarketer estimates from September 2015, even though Twitter and Facebook continue to grow their share of the pie more quickly.

LinkedIn Ad Revenues Worldwide, US vs. Non-US, 2014-2017 (millions and % of total)

In our September forecast, we predicted that LinkedIn would take in just under $1 billion in ad revenues in 2015, up 25.1% over 2014. We expected a further increase of 20.5% in LinkedIn’s worldwide revenues in 2016, bringing the social networking site to $1.13 billion in ad revenues this year.

That will represent a 3.4% share of worldwide social media ad spending.

Most of LinkedIn’s ad revenues come from the US. This year, the figure will be 63%—down since 2015, but above our estimate for 2014.

Among the major social media platforms, LinkedIn has one of the slowest revenue growth rates. Ad revenues this year will grow 20.5%, slowing to 17.8% in 2017. For comparison, Twitter’s ad revenue will grow 45.0% this year and Facebook's will grow 31.5%.

On mobile, though, and especially in the US, LinkedIn is growing revenues rapidly. eMarketer estimated that LinkedIn had the fastest US mobile ad revenue growth rate of any company in 2015, at 170.0%. This year, LinkedIn will grow its US mobile revenues at a rate closer to the national average, at 35.4%—dropping behind Facebook and Twitter.

That rapid growth brought mobile to 24.7% of LinkedIn’s net US digital ad revenues last year, more than double the 2014 share of 12.1%. This year, eMarketer expects 28.1% of LinkedIn digital ad revenues in the US to come from mobile—still far below the shares expected for Twitter (90.0%) and Facebook (82.0%).

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