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Latin Americans Are the Most Avid Social Media Users

Internet users in Brazil spend even more time with social

January 28, 2016

Internet users in Latin America spend more of their online time with social media than their counterparts anywhere else in the world, according to research from 2015.

Share of Time Spent Online Among Internet Users Worldwide, by Category and Region, May 2015 (% of total)

May data from comScore indicates that in Latin America, 29% of time spent going online from desktop and laptop PCs in home and work locations was spent on social media. That meant internet users in Latin America spent more time with social than any other single internet-based activity—and nearly as much time as the entire “other” category.

Internet users in Latin America also spent more of their internet time with social media than those in other regions. EMEA was second by this metric, for example, and users there spent 22% of their desktop-based internet time with social media. In North America, the share of time going to social media was less than half that in Latin America, and in Asia-Pacific it was even smaller.

June data from comScore on the absolute time spent with social media also indicates Latin America is in the lead: Social networking site visitors in the region spent an average of 6.1 hours on such sites that month, even with Europe and ahead of North America (5.2 hours), the Middle East and Africa (3.8 hours) and Asia-Pacific (2.1 hours). In Brazil specifically, users spent an average of 8.8 hours on social networking sites in June.

These patterns are consistent with reporting from comScore from 2014 as well, which found users in Latin America spent more time with social networks than their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

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