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LGBT Baby Boomers Spend Less Time with Social

Boomers are digitally savvy, but retain a more traditional media profile

September 2, 2015

Age has a significant effect on how LGBT internet users behave when it comes to communication channels and devices—both digital and traditional—according to May 2015 research. While many are tech-savvy, adults in the baby boomer demographic still typically do less with digital.

Devices/Communication Channels Used by US LGBT Internet Users, by Demographic, May 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

According to polling by Community Marketing Inc. (CMI), LGBT millennials and Gen Xers, whether they were male or female, were more likely than their boomer counterparts to have a mobile phone, to engage in text messaging, to have a laptop at home, and to use internet phone services like Skype.

Boomers, by contrast, were more apt to have home desktop computers, to pay bills via mail, and to still have a landline telephone. LGBT boomers clearly do plenty of digital media activities—after all, more than nine in 10 have mobile phones, and nearly as many use SMS—but they also still have a foot in a more traditional world.

Average Daily Time Spent with Social Media by US LGBT Internet Users, by Demographic, May 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

Boomers also reported spending less time each day with social media than the younger LGBT internet audience. While 14% of millennial LGBT males and 13% of millennial LGBT females reported spending 7 or more hours per day with social media, just 4% and 5% of baby boomer LGBT males and females, respectively, said the same.

Meanwhile, 10% of boomer LGBT females and 13% of males said they spent no time on social media daily.

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