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Kids and Teens in Sweden Go Mobile

Over 90% of teens ages 11 to 19 have access to a smartphone

October 6, 2015

IIS (Internetstiftelsen i Sverige) surveyed parents in Sweden about their children's mobile device usage in April 2015 and found that nearly eight in 10 kids ages 2 to 10 were tablet users. Though usage peaked at age 8 (92%), at least the majority of children of every age were using the device.

Children* in Sweden Who Use Tablets, by Age, April 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

Even 58% of parents to 2-year-olds told IIS that their kids were using tablets.

Tablets were somewhat less popular among teens in Sweden, and usage declined with age. IIS found that 79% of teens aged 11 to 13 were tablet users in April, and this share dropped to 75% among those ages 14 to 16.

Just over half (56%) of 17- to 19-year-olds used a tablet in the same time period.

Teens in Sweden Who Use Smartphones, by Age, 2011-2015 (% of respondents in each group)

On the other hand, teens of all ages in Sweden were highly likely to be using smartphones. Over nine in 10 respondents in each age group included in the study told IIS that they had access to a smartphone in April, and this share reached 100% among those ages 17 to 19.

eMarketer estimates that 6.0 million people in Sweden, or 61.5% of the population, will use a smartphone at least once per month in 2015. The number of tablet users will reach 4.6 million, or 47.4% of the population, in the same time period.


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