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In Japan, Most Avoid TV Before Bed

And when they do watch, they stick with traditional viewing methods

November 24, 2015

Just because mobile and other internet-connected devices have brought video streaming anywhere, anytime does not mean viewers in Japan want to watch everywhere, all the time.

Digital Video Viewers in Japan Who Watch TV/Digital Video Before Going to Sleep*, by Demographic, Sep 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

According to September 2015 research from Dentsu, fewer than one in three digital video viewers in Japan who watch content on more than one device do so while lying in bed before sleeping—and that includes digital video viewing as well as traditional TV viewing.

The practice was most common among female respondents ages 15 to 19, but even among that group viewership just before sleeping reached only 50.0%. Male respondents in the same age group were slightly less likely to watch TV or digital video before bedtime.

What’s more, the little TV viewing that is going on appears to be centered around traditional TV.

Methods Used to Watch TV/Digital Video Before Going to Sleep* According to Digital Video Viewers in Japan, by Demographic, Sep 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

The survey found that 19.6% of digital video viewers watch broadcast TV while lying in bed before sleeping, the most popular way to consume video content at bedtime. While the No. 2 viewing method was digital video-sharing sites, recorded TV programs came in a close third.

The youngest groups—those in their teens—were more likely to say they relied on digital properties to watch video content before bed than to say they watched TV on a traditional set. And among women ages 20 to 29, digital video-sharing sites were about tied with traditional TV viewing. But older age groups, and even men in their 20s, clearly favor traditional viewing channels.

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