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In Japan, Distrust for Digital Ads ... and Ad Blocking Apps

34% of internet users distrust ad blockers

May 25, 2016

Over 40% of ad blocking app users in Japan say they use ad blockers because they want to prevent computer viruses within ads from affecting their devices, according to data from JustSystems. But if it’s true that many app users don’t trust ads, it's also true that a large chunk of internet users in Japan don’t trust ad blockers.

Reasons for Using Ad Blocking Apps According to Ad Blocking App Users in Japan, April 2016 (% of respondents)

While fewer internet users were concerned by ad blockers, there were still 34% who said they didn’t trust them. While nearly 45% said they don’t use ad blockers because they’re actually fine with ads (as long as they don't have to click on them), over one-third of internet users distrusting ad blockers is quite remarkable.

But that’s not to say users are overly reluctant to use the apps. About one-third of internet users use ad blockers; another 10% have installed blockers, but do not use them.

Level of Understanding and Usage of Ad Blocking Apps Among Internet Users in Japan, April 2016 (% of respondents)

And among those who don’t know ad blocking apps very well, there’s substantial interest in using them nonetheless. One-fifth of those surveyed who don’t understand the apps well or have virtually no knowledge about them say that they’re interested in using a blocker. Another 27% gauge themselves as somewhat interested.

So perhaps one way to explain the distrust of ad blockers is that internet users in Japan simply don’t understand them very well. However, it could also be argued that internet users in Japan who have low understanding or knowledge of ad blockers are interested in using them precisely because of that knowledge gap.

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