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I've Started, but I Might Not Finish: UK Video Ad Completion Rates Dip

UK lags when it comes to video ad completion rates

May 18, 2015

eMarketer estimates that digital video ad spending in the UK will reach £823 million ($1.36 billion) in 2015, representing an increase of 63.0% over 2014—the fastest growth of all digital ad formats tracked.

Video Ad Completion Rates in Select Countries, Dec 2013-March 2015 (% of ads served by DoubleClick)

However, while the money’s headed there, visibility is an issue—full visibility, at least. April 2015 research from Google’s DoubleClick found that video ad completion rates in the UK performed comparatively poorly. Between March 2014 and March 2015, the rate fell from 64.6% to 56.3%. Compared with the other 14 countries tracked by DoubleClick, only Spain and Japan fared worse in March this year.

UK consumers seem happy to start viewing video ads, but they’re very often unlikely to finish. According to February 2015 research from ad management platform provider Sizmek, consumers in the UK are far more likely to abandon video ads than their counterparts in either Canada or the US.

Completion Rate for In-Stream and Interactive Digital Video Ads in Canada, the UK and the US, 2014 (based on impressions served by Sizmek)

It found that the start rates for both in-stream and interactive ads were just as high in the UK as in the North American countries. However, the 50% and fully played rates dropped off significantly. For in-stream video ads, for example, the start rate was actually highest in the UK, at 98.4%. However, while the fully played rates in the US (81.4%) and Canada (73.6%) were admirable, the UK lagged by this measure, at 66.6%. UK consumers, it seems, aren’t too good at finishing what they started.

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