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Internet Users in Singapore Want Choice, Personalization in Rewards Programs

83% want points or rewards, while 80% want the ability to choose

December 16, 2016 | Retail & Ecommerce

Internet users in Singapore want flexibility and personalization in their loyalty programs.

Features of Loyalty/Rewards Programs that Internet Users in Singapore Find Appealing, March 2016 (% of respondents)

A survey by ICLP, a marketing company specializing in building consumer loyalty, found that three-quarters of respondents said rewards customized to them are payback for their loyalty to a brand.

A Nielsen survey reached similar conclusions. Over 80% of internet users in Singapore surveyed in March 2016 by Nielsen said they found loyalty and reward program points or rewards for purchases more appealing than any other feature offered by loyalty programs. They said they would like those points or rewards whether they were delivered in the store, or through digital means.

Nearly as many (80%) said they found flexible rewards—the ability to choose from several types of awards—at least somewhat appealing, and nearly three-quarters, indicated that they find personalized discounts or promotional offerings based on past purchases appealing.

When it comes to the benefits of loyalty and reward programs, about two-thirds of internet users in Singapore named rebates or cashback deals as most valued, according to the same Nielsen study.

Most Valued Benefits of Loyalty/Rewards Programs According to Internet Users in Singapore, March 2016 (% of respondents)

Over 60% also named product discounts as a "most valued" loyalty and reward program benefit.

Discounts and cashback deals are great, but not many internet users in Singapore demand out-and-out free things: just 31% said free products are a most valued benefit, while only about a quarter chose free shipping. It’s unclear if that's because few programs offer free products and shipping or not, but either way, it’s not high on the list of values.

—Ben Clague

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