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Internet Users in Colombia Embrace Digital Video

Nearly four in five internet users in Colombia are digital video viewers

June 25, 2014

Digital video consumption has taken off in Colombia. In May 2014, The Cocktail Analysis reported that 79% of internet users in the fourth-largest economy in Latin America by GDP had consumed video content over the internet. Interviews for the study were conducted among consumers ages 18 to 55 in December 2013.

Digital Video Viewers in Colombia, Dec 2013 (% of internet users)

The poll found that socioeconomic status did not have an impact on digital video uptake in Colombia, as more than three-quarters of internet users in all income levels said they watched video on the web. Age and gender, however, were more relevant factors. To nobody’s surprise, usage was highest among the youngest group surveyed, 18- to 24-year-olds—84% of whom said they watched digital video. Penetration rates slid gradually to reach their lowest among internet users between 45 and 55 (67%). Men (81%) were slightly more likely to consume digital video than women (76%).

Nearly half of respondents said they combined downloads and streaming for their digital video consumption. Pure digital video “downloaders” (30%) and “streamers” (22%) were less common. The persistence of downloads as a widespread method to consume video online may be due to a still underdeveloped infrastructure—fixed and mobile—that would allow high-quality and fast-speed video streaming services to thrive.

Digital Video Categories Watched by Digital Video Viewers in Colombia, by Access Type, Dec 2013 (% of total)

Among the categories measured in the study, movies were the most cited, with 88% of digital viewers who said they downloaded or streamed that type of video content. Documentaries (65%) and humor (61%) followed. Surprisingly, given the demographic profile of digital viewers and the country’s involvement with soccer—the men’s national team has advanced to the Round of 16 in the current World Cup—sports came dead last in this list, cited by 49% of respondents.

But The Cocktail Analysis found that internet users in Colombia weren’t just digital video viewers—they also used digital screens to enhance their traditional TV experience. Desktop and laptop usage was the most common: 77% of internet users who owned those devices said they used them at least sometimes while watching TV, as did 71% of smartphone users and 70% of tablet users.

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