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Internet Users in Chile Are Avid Digital Radio Listeners

Nearly nine in 10 internet users in Chile listen to digital radio

October 7, 2015

Nearly nine in 10 web users in Chile listen to digital radio, according to 2015 research. And those listeners spend more time with the medium than elsewhere in Latin America, at an average of 5 hours per week.

Average Weekly Time Spent Listening to Digital Radio Among Digital Radio Listeners in Select Countries in Latin America, 2015 (hrs:mins)

Audio Ad and Oh! Panel reported that 87% of internet users in Chile listened to digital radio as of April 2015, and two-thirds of that group listened on a weekly basis.

Those figures compared favorably with digital radio audiences elsewhere in Latin America. In Argentina, in June, 66% of internet users listened, and 59% of that group listened at least weekly. In Colombia, digital radio reached 78% of internet users in April, and in Mexico, the figure was 70%. Just 35% of all internet users in Peru were digital radio listeners, though 72% of that group listened at least weekly.

Listeners in Chile also spent more time with digital radio than their counterparts in the rest of the region. Overall, Latin American digital radio listeners spent 4 hours and 30 minutes each week with the medium. In Chile, the figure was 30 minutes higher, and 1 hour and 10 minutes above Mexico’s, which had the lowest time spent with digital radio.


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