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Internet Users in Belgium Prefer Laptops for Browsing, Video Viewing

Those surveyed also expressed a preference for using laptops to watch TV or digital video

April 13, 2016 | Media | Mobile

Given the ubiquity of laptops in Western countries, it’s no shock that nearly three-quarters of internet users in Belgium used one in 2015. A March 2016 report from Centrum voor Informatie over de Media (CIM) reveals that 74.6% of those surveyed say they used a laptop last year, a modest gain from the 73.5% who say they did in 2014 and a figure that kept laptops well ahead of other access devices in the country.

Devices Used by Internet Users in Belgium, 2014 & 2015 (% of respondents)

Smartphone usage, however, expanded significantly. Internet users in Belgium were more than 10 percentage points more likely to say they used one to access the internet in 2015 than in 2014. While tablet usage also saw growth—about 5 points—smartphone usage saw by far the biggest bump in 2015. Desktop, meanwhile, shrunk from 50.9% of respondents using one in 2014 to 46.6% in 2015.

Laptops, likewise, were the most popular non-TV device on which to watch TV or digital video. Nearly half (44%) of internet users surveyed said they use laptops to do so, with another 28.5% saying they watch TV or digital video via smartphone.

Non-TV Devices Used to View TV/Digital Video Among Internet Users in Belgium, 2015 (% of respondents)

And while using tablets to watch TV or digital video was more common than using a desktop—24.8% vs. 24.6%—slightly more of those surveyed say they don’t use a tablet at all—55.0%, vs. 53.4% of those who don’t use a desktop. Regardless, it’s clear that internet users in Belgium prefer laptops, both for general usage and especially for watching TV or digital video.

A July 2015 report from International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates that 85% of the population in Belgium are internet users, a number corroborated by Eurostat.

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