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An Instagram Ad Study Finds Peculiar Gender Split

Males gave higher effectiveness ratings than females for a variety of product categories

February 16, 2017

Do guys like Instagram ads more than girls? The answer appears to be yes.

A November 2016 survey from conducted by Fractl asked US internet users to rate Instagram ads for their effectiveness. In all but two categories, male respondents scored the ads higher than female respondents.

Effectiveness of Instagram Ad Posts* According to US Internet Users, by Gender and Brand Industry, Nov 2016 (scale of 0-5**)

The study also looked at how different brand verticals used different types of images in Instagram advertisements. Portraits were the composition of image choice by fashion, food and drink and beauty industries. Beauty and food and drink brands were most likely to use images focusing solely on the product for their Instagram ads, while selfies were most common for ads by beauty and food and drink brands. found that age factored in to how different types of ads resonated with users as well. For example, millennial respondents were more likely than older respondents to say that promoted Instagram posts containing selfies were persuasive, while those 45- to 54-years-old were much more likely to favor portrait-style and product-only images.

Alison McCarthy

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