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In India, Younger Gamers Choose Multiplatform Gaming

Older gamers are more likely to be mobile-only

June 20, 2016 | Mobile

Nearly three-quarters of mobile gamers in India ages 15 to 20 play games on multiple platforms, according to December 2015 research. The older the gamers, however, the more likely they are to play only on mobile devices.

Polling by mobile gaming destination GamesBond, a mobile gaming site owned by Mauj Mobile, reveals that the transition from multiplatform gaming to mobile-only playing begins with those ages 21 to 35. While the majority still play on multiple platforms—37% say they only game on mobile—only about 60% do so. Among players ages 36 to 55, there is almost an even split between those who game only on mobile and those who use more than one platform. But among older users, just 38% play anywhere other than mobile.

This likely has to do with the wide appeal of mobile games, something witnessed in many markets. As mobile gaming appeals to nontraditional gaming audiences, like older users, it essentially brings new gamers into the fold. And those older gamers may not be interested in branching out.

Among the overall mobile gaming population India, just 28% play only on mobile devices. This figure is close to the breakdown for the youngest gamers studied—highlighting the young skew in the total mobile gaming audience.

Multiplatform gamers not only play more ways, but they also play games for far longer amounts of time than their mobile-only counterparts. GamesBond reported that the average mobile gamer spends 40 minutes per day playing games on multiplatform devices; for mobile-only gaming, that figure drops to 20 minutes.

Earlier research, conducted by Newzoo, also highlighted how mobile gaming was appealing to older audiences, though those ages 56 and older played much less frequently.

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