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In-Store Price Comparison Influences Hispanic Millennial Grocery Purchases

Hispanic millennials less likely than Asians, whites to search for deals before the store

June 16, 2015

Hispanic millennials are big spenders when it comes time to grocery shop. March 2015 polling by ThinkNow Research and Sensis found that US Hispanic millennial internet users were most likely to spend an average of $149 on groceries each week—more than any other race/ethnicity group. White millennials spent $136 on average, Asian millennials $119 and black millennials $105.

One might think that Hispanic millennials may look for deals to cut back on some of those extra dollars; however, the study found that they weren’t enthusiastic about coupons. Just 26% of Hispanic millennials used coupons when shopping for groceries, vs. 38% of white millennials and 34% of Asian millennials.

This cohort wasn’t as eager as other groups to conduct research on deals prior to heading to the store either. Half of Hispanic millennials browsed a grocery store’s website for specials before shopping there, vs. 61% of Asian respondents and 57% of whites.

In-store price comparison played a large role in whether or not mobile Hispanic millennials took the plunge and purchased. About half used their mobile phones to compare prices while at the store, similar to the percentages for whites and Asians. And if they didn’t like what they saw, they weren’t scared to head out the door. Fully 88% of Hispanic millennials said they would go to a different store to buy a product if they found a better price—tying white millennials for No. 1. In comparison, just 75% of Asians said they would leave, as did 85% of blacks.

Besides offering the lowest prices, grocers hoping to keep Hispanic millennials in their aisles would be wise to promote savings in-store and, if they have them, emphasize price-matching programs.


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