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In-App Ads Dominate Mobile Impressions in Argentina

Throughout Latin American countries, the lion’s share of mobile ads are served in apps

May 27, 2016

In-app ads account for a strong majority of mobile impressions in Argentina, according to ad network data from Q1 2016. Fewer than a quarter of impressions occurred on the mobile web.

Mobile Ad Impression Share in Argentina, App vs. Web, Q1 2016 (% of total on Adsmovil network)

That’s based on data from Adsmovil, which reported activity on its network during the quarter in countries throughout Latin America. Argentina fell in the middle of the pack of countries studied: In Brazil and Chile, even larger shares of mobile ad impressions came from apps, while Colombia and Peru tilted slightly more toward the mobile web.

Android-based devices are even more dominant than apps when it comes to share of ad impressions in Argentina, Adsmovil also reported. Nearly 80% of all mobile ad impressions the network served in Argentina in Q1 were to Android-based devices. Windows mobile devices accounted for the second-largest share, at 13.6%, followed by iOS at just 4.7%.

Android enjoyed between 70% and 80% of ad impressions throughout the countries reported on by Adsmovil, with Brazil and Argentina tied for the highest Android share, at 79.8%. In Peru and Colombia, Android’s share was closer to 70%. Only in Chile did iOS devices outperform Windows-based ones by this metric.

Total Media, Digital and Mobile Internet Ad Spending in Argentina, 2015-2020

eMarketer estimates that mobile internet ad spending in Argentina will reach $218.6 million this year—more than double 2015 spending levels. That increase will bring mobile spending to 23.1% of all digital ad spending in the country this year, and by 2020, the end of our forecast period, more than seven in 10 digital ad pesos in Argentina will go toward mobile spending.

This year, eMarketer estimates, mobile internet ad spending in Colombia, Chile and Peru will represent a smaller share of digital ad spending than it does in Argentina, a pattern that will continue through at least 2020. In Brazil, however, mobile already accounts for 29.8% of digital ad spending, a figure set to rise to 71.6% in 2020.

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