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How Often Do Digital Shoppers in the Nordics Press 'Buy'?

Over a third of web users in Norway, Denmark purchase digitally several times a month or more

June 11, 2015

eMarketer estimates that in 2015, digital buyer penetration among internet users will reach 81.3% in Denmark, 77.8% in Sweden, 77.7% in Norway and 72.5% in Finland. This includes people who make at least one purchase via any digital channel—online, mobile and tablet—during the calendar year.

Frequency with Which Internet Users in Select Nordic Countries Make Digital Purchases, April 2015 (% of respondents)

Based on an April 2015 study by YouGov, internet users in Denmark and Norway will shop slightly more frequently than those in Sweden, while Finland will trail much further behind. Fully 36% of internet users in both Norway and Denmark made purchases online several times per month or more. Nearly three in 10 respondents from Sweden bought digitally with the same frequency, vs. just 14% in Finland. About one in 10 internet users from Norway, Denmark and Sweden made digital purchases once or several times per week, compared with 3% in Finland.

Travel, tickets and clothing were the top three categories purchased online by digital buyers in all four Nordic countries studied. Responses were in that order for Norway, Sweden and Finland, while respondents from Denmark put tickets first, followed by clothes and travel.

Reasons that Digital Buyers in Select Nordic Countries Make Digital Purchases, April 2015 (% of respondents)

The comfort of shopping from home emerged as a top reason for shopping digitally in all countries—though this was especially prevalent in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The time-saving aspect of buying online was another leading online purchase driver for respondents across the Nordic region, as was the ease of comparing prices. Respondents from Norway were most likely to buy online because they found it cheaper—a factor that also ranked highly in Denmark, but not as much in Sweden and Finland.

Overall, eMarketer estimates that this year, business-to-consumer ecommerce sales will reach $13.8 billion in Denmark, $10.7 billion in Finland, $16.6 billion in Norway and $15.1 billion in Sweden.


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