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How Much Do Students in India Socialize Online?

Boys spend significantly more time online than girls

Most students in urban India are spending a relatively short amount of time each day on social media—30 minutes or less, according to research from December 2015.

Daily Time Spent Using Social Media Among Students in Urban India, by Gender, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

Tata Consultancy Services found that, among students ages 12 to 18 in 15 major cities across India, about one in five spent less than 15 minutes on social media daily. An additional 31.0% spent 15 to 30 minutes, and 4.4% had no response to the question, suggesting they may not spend time on social sites on a daily basis.

Female respondents were more likely than their male counterparts to be lower users of social media: 57.4% of girls spent less than half an hour each day on social media (not counting those who did not respond), compared to 49.0% of boys.

Daily Time Spent Using Desktops/Laptops Among Students in Urban India, by Demographic, Dec 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

Meanwhile, boys were more likely to be high-volume users. More than one in five boys said they use social media for at least 61 minutes per day, as opposed to the 13.4% of females who spend the same amount of time on social sites.

The pattern is even more pronounced when it comes to PC usage in general.

While 40.1% of students in urban India had no response to a question about daily time spent using desktop and laptop computers—likely suggesting they do not use them daily—16.5% said they spent at least an hour on PCs each day. But girls were less than half as likely as boys to say they spent that long using a computer. Girls were also nearly 50% less likely to have responded to the question at all. The differences between the PC habits of the boys and girls surveyed were more dramatic than the differences between students in the larger vs. the smaller cities studied.

eMarketer estimates that 2016 will see 206.5 million social network users in India, representing only about 16% of the general population but over 50% of internet users. By 2020, eMarketer forecasts a figure of 360.6 million social media users, which makes up almost 30% of the projected population.

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