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How Can Marketers Improve Landing Page Optimization?

Lack of in-house skills, conversion-worthy content and strategy all present LPO challenges

April 23, 2015

Landing page optimization (LPO) is critical for any marketer looking to turn site visitors into leads—and eventually, customers. Indeed, increasing conversions ranked as the most important objective of an LPO strategy among marketing professionals polled worldwide by Ascend2 earlier this month by a long shot, cited by 93%.

Obstacles to Landing Page Optimization (LPO) Success According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, April 2015 (% of respondents)

However, despite the importance of the landing page, just 27% of respondents said they were “very successful” at LPO. More promising was the fact that 54% were “somewhat successful.”

What was preventing respondents from reaching the “very successful” level? A lack of in-house skills was the biggest issue, with 45% citing limited internal resources as an obstacle to LPO success. And despite the fact that conversions were the primary goal of landing pages, more than four in 10 marketers said they lacked conversion-worthy content. Fully 40% were also struggling to even come up with a strategy.

Most Effective vs. Difficult Tactics to Execute for Landing Page Optimization (LPO) According to Marketing Professionals Worldwide, April 2015 (% of respondents)

Testing is key when it comes to landing pages, as A/B testing ranked as the most effective tactic to execute for LPO—and even better, it was the least difficult. Interestingly, though, just 18% of respondents conducted “extensive testing” of landing pages for optimization purposes, while 59% ran “limited” tests, and 23% did none.

A/B testing may have been easy and effective, but the story wasn’t the same for many of the other effective tactics, with other leaders such as segmentation and targeting and copy optimization also landing among the most difficult.

Landing pages are relatively common among marketers. In November 2014 polling by Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 42% of marketers worldwide said they used landing pages. This ranked as the fifth most popular digital marketing channel or tactic used—but trailed Nos. 2 to 4 by just 2 percentage points.

For marketers to make the most of the landing pages they build, they’ll need to master LBO by improving internal skills, creating conversion-worthy content and mastering the most effective tactics.

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