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How Loyal Customers Can Be Drawn Away

Men are attracted by quality while women look to prices

November 1, 2016 | Retail & Ecommerce

Females are more brand loyal than males, September 2016 research indicates. Most shoppers can be swayed by a different brand’s price or quality, but which appeals most depends on gender.

Primary Attitude Toward Buying from Their Preferred Brand Among Internet Users in North America, by Gender, Sep 2016 (% of respondents in each group)

Multichannel loyalty and analytics company CrowdTwist surveyed 1,027 internet users ages 18 to 71 in North America about their perceptions of brand loyalty. More than a quarter (27.4%) of female respondents said they always buy their preferred brand—regardless of price, quality, convenience or brand promise. That compared to 21.3% of male respondents.

Better prices were the most likely factor to draw loyal women shoppers away from their preferred brands: 35.0% of female internet users said they sometimes buy their preferred brand but consider lower-priced alternatives. Slightly fewer male respondents felt the same way.

What did draw men to a less-preferred brand was quality. The largest share of male respondents, 35.7%, said they sometimes buy items from their preferred brand but would consider other options that offer better quality. Some 28.8% of female internet users agreed.

Consumers may be loyal to a specific brand not only because of the price or quality of specific products, but also because of the brand’s loyalty program. But to have a killer loyalty program—one that not only helps bolster engagement, but sales as well—retailers must think big.


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