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How Long Does It Take to Plan Facebook, Twitter Content?

Marketers look at past performance and monitor activity to determine best content

January 6, 2015

eMarketer estimates that this year, nearly 85% of US companies with 100 or more employees will use Facebook for marketing purposes, and just under two-thirds will use Twitter. Those using one or both of the platforms to distribute content lay out their plans very differently, based on October 2014 research by Percolate.

Length of Time that US Marketing Executives Plan Ahead for Facebook vs. Twitter Content, Oct 2014 (% of respondents)

US marketing execs were most likely to say their companies created Twitter content on the same day. More than one-fifth of respondents cited this frequency. However, the second most common prep time fell on the other end of the spectrum: 16% planned Twitter content a month or more in advance. This group may be planning content for the social site as part of an overall, long-term campaign, instead of treating it as an on-the-fly marketing activity. And interestingly, the percentage of those who planned their tweets just one day ahead dropped to 7%—the smallest group.

Facebook was less real time. There, marketing execs were most likely to plan content for the social platform a month or more in advance (25% of respondents). Prepping Facebook content between two and five days ahead of time ranked second, at 17%, and just like with Twitter, respondents were least likely to plan just one day before, cited by 9%.

Ways in Which US Marketing Executives Determine What Content Interests Their Audience, Oct 2014 (% of respondents)

Content marketing goes beyond social and short-form content such as tweets and status updates, used by 43% of survey respondents, and includes everything from e-newsletters (57%) and images (49%) to presentations (39%), blog posts (34%) and long-form videos (34%). Marketers must cut through the clutter and figure out what content to use for their audiences. Percolate found that they were most likely to do this by looking at performance data of past content and campaigns as well as actively monitoring general activity on social channels, each cited by 31%.

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