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How Do Young People Feel About Self-Driving Cars?

Older millennials are interested in them

March 30, 2016

While the internet of things (IoT) is changing the automotive industry, most young US internet users still prefer a traditional car to a self-driving vehicle, according to October 2015 research.

US Child/Teen Internet Users Who Would Prefer a Traditional vs. Self-Driving Vehicle, by Grade Level, Oct 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

Nielsen polled 1,133 US children and teens ages 8 to 18. More than half of respondents in grades 3 through 5 said they prefer traditional vehicles.

US children and teens in older grade levels also preferred traditional cars. For example, 59% of respondents in grades 6 through 8 said they preferred traditional cars, while 41% in that age group said they favored self-driving cars.

And nearly three-quarters of respondents in grades 9 through 12 also preferred traditional vehicles. Only 28% said they favored self-driving cars.

Internet Users* Worldwide** Who Find Self-Driving Cars Appealing, by Age, Nov 2014 (% of respondents in each group)

Self-driving cars don’t just appeal to some young users. Many consumers—especially those with drivers licenses—are also interested in them.

According to research from Gfk, older millennials, 25- to 34-year-olds, were most interested in self-driving cars, with nearly three-quarters finding the concept appealing. Additionally, over seven in 10 from the 16-to-24 and 35-to-44 age groups viewed self-driving cars as appealing.

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