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How Do Internet Users Feel About Buy Buttons?

More than a quarter of respondents said they had never heard of buy buttons

July 7, 2016

Buy buttons may be the next step in social commerce, but some consumers are not jumping on that bandwagon quite yet. In fact, April 2016 research found that nearly half of internet users said they would not shop via social media sites, and more than a quarter said they had never heard of buy buttons.

Primary Attitude Toward Shopping via Social Media Sites* According to US Internet Users, April 2016 (% of respondents)

SUMO Heavy polled 1,029 US internet users ages 18 and older and asked them how they felt about shopping via buy buttons on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Some 45.0% of respondents said the they would not use buy buttons. And another 26.4% said they never heard of shopping via social media sites.

There was a small percentage of consumers (2.6%) who had used buy buttons before, but said they wouldn’t be using them again. But a stronger 7.3% of respondents said they had shopped via social media sites and planned on doing it again.

Additionally, 18.7% of internet users said they hadn’t used buy buttons yet, but were open to it.

Social Media Users Worldwide Who Are Interested in Using Buy Buttons on Social Media, by Site, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

Though many social networks have been experimenting with, and even fully implementing, buy buttons in their platforms, social media users are not that interested in actually using them. Indeed, November 2015 research from GlobalWebIndex revealed that only 17% of Tumblr users worldwide said they were interested in Tumblr’s buy buttons. Even fewer Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter users said they were interested in buying directly on social sites.

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