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How Digital Do Millennials Want Their Doctors?

Millennials want to make mobile part of the health experience

February 24, 2015

Tech-savvy millennials are set to reshape health management, based on a January 2015 study by Harris Poll for, which found that US 18- to 34-year-olds wanted to use various digital methods throughout the healthcare experience.

Health Technologies that US Millennial Patients* Are Interested in Using, Jan 2015 (% of respondents)

For starters, millennials revealed that the internet played a role in managing doctor appointments long before stepping into the waiting room. More than three-quarters cited online reviews from other patients as a criterion when selecting a doctor, and 74% looked for the opportunity to make the entire appointment process easier, valuing the ability to book and pay bills online.

After choosing a physician, millennials want to use a plethora of health technologies. Nearly three-quarters were interested in having their doctors use mobile devices during appointments to share info—allowing for easy, on-the-go access later—and over seven in 10 were interested in managing their well-being, reviewing health records and scheduling appointments through doctor-provided apps.

Consumers like the idea of using wearable devices to track fitness and health, and 63% of millennials said they would provide their health data to their doctors via wearables or Wi-Fi so that they could monitor their well-being. This finding, along with millennials’ interest in telehealth, suggests that checkups could become more of a digital activity as the age group grows older.

US Consumers Whose Physician Uses an Electronic Medical Record System, by Generation, Aug 2014 (% of respondents in each group)

Interestingly, an August 2014 study by Truven Health Analytics and NPR found that when it came to one digital advancement in healthcare—electronic medical records (EMRs)—millennials’ doctors were the least advanced. While 74.4% of US consumers said their physicians used EMRs, this percentage dropped to 60.4% for millennials—the lowest out of all age groups. Somewhat unsurprisingly, millennials were also the least likely to have a physician, highlighting a big opportunity for digital doctors to attract new patients.

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