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Holiday Shoppers in Canada Embrace Digital Options

Traditional shopping channels are still used often, however—nearly as many shoppers visited a store as a website

September 29, 2016 | Retail & Ecommerce

Over 70% of holiday shoppers in Canada visited a website while conducting holiday shopping in December 2015, according to an August 2016 report from Google and Ipsos. While nearly the same share visited a store, the fact that website visits topped in-store shopping is notable.

Shopping Channels Used by Holiday Shoppers in Canada, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

While many digital channels were used to shop—including digital searches and digital fliers—the majority of those surveyed also used paper fliers. Along with store visits, the fact that 60% of respondents used paper fliers means that holiday shopping is still dependent on more traditional methods, as well as newer, digital avenues.

Holiday shoppers also often turned to multiple channels when looking for gifts.

Just 13% of those surveyed used only one channel while conducting holiday shopping in December 2015. Nearly half, however, used at least four channels.

Number of Shopping Channels Used by Holiday Shoppers in Canada, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

Compared to US holiday season ecommerce on Demandware’s platform, Canada saw a slightly smaller amount of both smartphone traffic and smartphone orders, though smartphones did account for more ecommerce traffic and orders than in France or Germany.

An October 2015 survey from Accenture and Coleman Parkes Research revealed that over nearly 60% of internet users in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto who planned to shop for holiday gifts digitally would do it so that they could stay out of crowded stores and find better discounts and deals, while nearly 50% found it more convenient than traditional shopping avenues.

So while shoppers in Canada do enjoy traditional ways of shopping and are willing to visit stores during the holiday season, they also appreciate that they can stay out of them and shop from home.

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