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Hispanic-Americans Are Heaviest Media Users

But they still trail in Internet access

May 15, 2008

In February 2008 the average Hispanic-American over the age of 11 spent more time online than watching television, according to the Terra Networks-sponsored "Hispanic Syndicated Study," conducted by comScore Media Metrix.

"In general, online Hispanics—independent of their language preferences and acculturation levels—are heavily engaged in technology," wrote the report's authors.

Every day, more than half (56%) of Hispanic-Americans surveyed said they spent at least an hour online, which was slightly more than the 50% who spent an hour or more watching TV.

On a weekly basis, Terra reported that more Hispanic-American Internet users spent 13 or more hours online (30%) than watched TV for the same amount of time (23%).

Average Time Spent Weekly Using Select Media Among US Hispanic Internet Users, February 2008 (% of respondents)

Hispanic-Americans ages 12 to 34 were on the Internet more than those 35 and older, who tended to spend more time watching TV than online.

Time Spent per Week Surfing the Internet and Watching TV Among US Hispanic Internet Users, by Age and Generation, February 2008 (hours)

Three-quarters of respondents multitasked, saying they always or very frequently used the Internet and TV together. Of those, 44% e-mailed or instant messaged about the shows they were watching and 40% researched products being advertised on TV. More than one-third went to the Website for the show being watched.

The Terra study results agree with other studies of Hispanic-American media consumption. A Burson-Marsteller study conducted by MSI International revealed influential online Hispanic-American adults consumed more media across the board than the general population of influential Internet users. Hispanic-American influentials also spent an average of about five hours more online per week than online influentials in general.

Average Time Spent with Select Media per Week by US Adult Hispanic vs. Total E-Fluentials*, 2008 (hours)

The trend has held true in recent years. Hispanic-Americans consumed more media than the general population in a Yahoo! Telemundo study conducted by Experian Simmons in November through December 2006.

Time Spent With Media* and Technology** by US Hispanic Internet Users vs. the General US Population, November & December 2006 (hours per day)

Although Hispanic-American Internet usage is greater than that of the general US population, the group is still under-represented online, especially in broadband access. Only American Indians and Alaska Natives have a smaller proportion of households with broadband access, according to the US Census Bureau.

US Internet Households and Penetration, by Race/Ethnicity and Access Technology, October 2007 (thousands and % of total households)

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