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Here's What Digital Consumers in China and the US Have in Common

Cross-border buyers in both countries prefer global outlets

April 17, 2017 | Retail & Ecommerce

Cross-border digital buyers ages 18 and older in China and the US largely prefer multinational stores like Amazon or eBay when making a purchase from another country. But buyers in China are generally more relaxed about making cross-border buys.

Attitudes Toward Cross-Border Retail Ecommerce Shopping Among Cross-Border Digital Buyers in China and the US, Oct 2016 (% of respondents)

About three-quarters of cross-border digital buyers in both China and the US surveyed by PayPal and Ipsos in October 2016 said they prefer to buy from global stores. And in China in particular, there was a rather laissez-faire attitude toward buying from foreign countries.

Roughly 60% of buyers in China said that as long as the price is right, they’re not too concerned about the product’s place of origin. Just over five in 10 US buyers said the same. When it comes to the specifics, cross-border digital buyers in China are simply less bothered than their US counterparts by things like overseas operations and trust in domestic vs. foreign stores. Perhaps one reason is that because of environmental pollution and a number of food safety scandals that have occurred, consumers in the country have developed an inherent suspicion of local food supplies. This has triggered some people to look outside their borders, particularly for products such as infant formula.

eMarketer estimates cross-border retail ecommerce sales in China will climb 29.1% in 2017 to total $110.68 billion.

Understandably, buyers in China are more likely than those in the US to be cognizant that they’re making cross-border purchases: Just 35% of respondents in China said they’re sometimes unaware if they’re buying domestic or foreign, according to PayPal and Ipsos’ findings, while 55% of respondents in the US said the same.

Ben Clague

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