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Grubhub: 2017 Will Be a Year of Social Media Experimentation

December 16, 2016 | Marketing

Mallorie Rosenbluth
Head of Social Media

The past year has been busy for social networks, with key players debuting new features and ad formats. Brands have been busy as well, keeping up with the innovations that networks have made. Mallorie Rosenbluth, head of social media at Grubhub, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about upcoming changes in 2017 and how the brand is preparing for them.

eMarketer: When it comes to social media, what are you most excited about as you look ahead to 2017?

Mallorie Rosenbluth: With the launch of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and new ad units from Snapchat, there are so many opportunities right now. It’s important to strike the right balance of being compelling on the right channel without inundating or oversaturating any particular channel. Throughout 2017, there will be more opportunities to create content. The challenge will be producing it at scale and with quality.

eMarketer: You mentioned Facebook Live. Is it really going to take off in 2017?

Rosenbluth: We’re watching Facebook Live closely. What we find interesting about Facebook Live is that unlike other content on social media, longer pieces get more eyeballs. A 5-minute Facebook Live video isn’t going to get a ton of viewers, but if it’s 15 or 30 minutes, more people watch.

“What we find interesting about Facebook Live is that unlike other content on social media, longer pieces get more eyeballs.”

We have an amazing network of 45,000 restaurant partners, so we’re looking for opportunities to involve our restaurant partners in live moments to create interesting, compelling content.

eMarketer: Do you anticipate that Facebook Messenger will play a bigger role in 2017 as well?

Rosenbluth: We want to communicate with our consumers where they are. That’s why we built a customer care team that’s dedicated to responding to our diners on Twitter and on Facebook. We also offer phone support, email support and live chat. With [regard to Messenger], we don’t want to force our diners to interact with us in a place where they just aren’t communicating yet.

eMarketer: How will Grubhub approach influencer marketing in 2017?

Rosenbluth: For us, there are two types of influencers. Social influencers who have a high number of followers and great content, and ambassadors—consumers that organically love Grubhub and Seamless.

We look for overlap between influencers and ambassadors so that there’s a natural organic affinity for our brand. We don’t pursue celebrity influencers because that’s inauthentic and maintaining authenticity in the social space is so important.

eMarketer: Will 2017 be the year that attribution on social media drastically improves?

Rosenbluth: For a long time, Facebook was a walled garden. Even now, it’s hard to tell how social media can impact a brand, even though Facebook has historically taken a lot of credit for certain purchasing behavior. But now that Facebook is starting to integrate more with third-party measurement partners, it’s going to become much cleaner and easier for brands to understand how their social marketing efforts tie in to attribution.

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