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Going Social Anywhere and Everywhere

Tweeting while driving

October 30, 2009

Despite the slowing growth of Twitter after its explosion earlier in 2009, many users still cannot get enough. Crowd Science reports that in August 2009, although only 27% of Twitter users posted daily, 46% checked for updates every day. Almost one in five social media users reported using Twitter in the past week.

Although 60% of Twitter users reported using only their computer to access the service, microbloggers are highly mobile, accessing social media from the washroom, the car, the theater and even during a religious service.

Locations/Situations Where US Social Media Users Have Accessed* Social Media, by Twitter Usage, August 2009 (% of respondents)

Twitter users were more likely than other social media users to feed their addiction from every location but school, including hotels, libraries, public transportation and restaurants.

A September 2009 study from Retrevo found that among those under age 35, 39% of Twitter users and 27% of Facebook users checked the sites at least 10 times every day.

Locations/Situations Where US Internet Users Use* Facebook or Twitter, by Age, September 2009 (% of respondents)

The under-35 crowd dramatically outpaced older users in usage from different locations. Younger users were more than twice as likely to check Facebook or Twitter at work, and more than four times as likely to do so while driving—not to mention their propensity to “kiss and tweet.”

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