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Germany's Smartphone Users Vote for Smarter, Less Intrusive Ads

Mobile ads should blend in, not leap out

January 13, 2017

Now that smartphones are the digital device of choice for so many of today's consumers, advertisers are under pressure to deliver more effective mobile ads. In Germany, G+J e|MS is one of many organizations working on innovative ad formats to engage the mobile audience. In August 2016, it polled a representative sample of smartphone users ages 14 and older to see how they reacted to some of these ad products.

Attitudes Toward Mobile Advertising Among Smartphone Users in Germany, Aug 2016 (% of respondents)

The survey was based on three brand campaigns. Among the G+J formats tested were "next generation AdSpecials"—ads that permit "new kinds of technical and visual integration ... combined with intelligent functional mechanisms that leave the user in control of the experience."

Overall, the G+J formats performed well on measures of ad awareness, ad recall, brand preference and brand consideration. Its "next generation AdSpecials" registered a 40.8% awareness rating, for example, and appeared to raise brand consideration by 16.7%.

The survey also asked smartphone users about their general attitudes to mobile ads.

The first priority, respondents said, was that mobile ads shouldn't overwhelm or obscure the content they were viewing—87.6% said they preferred ads to be integrated in the layout of a mobile display, not plastered over it. A similar proportion (84.3%) said it was easier to accept mobile ads that they could scroll over to reveal more information—that is, ads that didn't create new windows that users had to close.

Over 60% of those polled said they welcomed innovative technology in mobile ads, because that showed brands were making a real effort to incorporate new options. And more than half liked ads in which brands exploited new visual or functional possibilities to realize a satisfying creative concept.

The notion of relevance is becoming more important, too. Half of smartphone users in the survey said they were more likely to respond favourably to mobile advertising if it showed content relevant to their location, the time of day, the weather or other real-time aspects of their situation.

—Karin von Abrams

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